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Installation of NSX100-250 Extended Rotary Handle

Jun 26,2023 | simplybuy industrial

This video will introduce the installation of NSX molded case circuit breaker extended rotary handle.

The extension rotary handle attachment consists of three parts, the rotary handle base, the rotary handle, the extension rod and related screws.

Loosen the fixing screws of the front cover of the circuit breaker, remove the front cover, turn the circuit breaker to the opening position, and remove the extension toggle handle. The user should attach the model label to the base of the handle during actual installation.

Install the extended rotary handle base and fasten the screws. Install the extension rod and tighten the setscrew. There is a gap reserved for secondary wiring on the base of the handle, which can be cut off as needed.

The opening, tripping and closing status marks are printed on the base of the handle respectively, and a key hole is reserved. Note that the user should cut the extension rod to the size that matches the electric cabinet during actual installation. This video is only for demonstration.

Install the rotary handle, position the hole according to the drilling diagram in the manual and install the rotary handle on the cabinet door. This video is only for demonstration.

After the installation is completed, operate the extended rotary handle for several opening and closing operations. The opening, tripping, and closing status signs are also printed on the rotary handle, and in the opening state, it can be locked with a padlock. If there is no sticking phenomenon, the installation is correct.

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