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Siemens Comfort Panel SIMATIC HMI Comfort interface

Jun 17,2023 | simplybuy industrial

A new panel family with outstanding features

The new SIMATIC HMIComfort Panel family is a completely redesigned line of touch and key panels with 4 to 12 inch widescreen.

These devices feature the same great features no matter what size device is chosen. All devices feature high-resolution 16 Mio color displays, large viewing angles, and brightness adjustment capability from 0 to 100%.


* Continuous functionality ensures freedom to choose the ideal display

* Widescreen with the exact same frame cutouts, allowing customers to increase display size by 40%; increased space increases The part of the application that can be visualized in the display. Further new operating concepts are possible, e.g. on the side of the display Ergonomically placed menu bar

* Dimmable displays offer energy saving potential as well as new applications, e.g. in shipbuilding

* Normalized PROFIenergy profiles allow coordinated and central shutdown of devices during idle time

* WinCC V11 reduces engineering effort due to mapping of HMI and controller with TIA portal in one frame Application field SIMATIC HMIComfort Panels are high-end HMI devices for advanced HMI tasks in PROFIBUS as well as PROFINET environment. Horizontal and vertical orientation due to freely selectable display size from 4, 7, 9 to 12 in touch and key panels Installing touch panels, they can be installed on almost any machine for high performance. Available in ExZone 2 Dangerous The panel can be used in hazardous areas without the need for an additional enclosure. design and function The SIMATIC HMIComfort Panel series includes 4 key panels, 3 touch panels and 1 key touch panel. Place Some devices can only be configured with the new HMI software WinCC V11.

* KP400 COMFORT is a 4-inch key panel with a display resolution of 480x 272 pixels. It's installed with OP 77B Compatible

* KTP400 COMFORT installation compatible with TP 177B 4, providing touch screen (480 x 272 px) and 4 additional function keys

* TP700 Comfort has a touch screen 800x 480 pixels, its installation is compatible with TP 177, MP 177 and TP 277, but provides 40% more display size

* Installation of KP700 Comfort (800 x 480 px) is compatible with OP 277

* KP900 and TP900 Comfort have the same display resolution as the 7-inch device, due to the large display, when viewed from a longer distance It is more convenient when viewing from a distance.

* The 12-inch devices KP1200 and TP1200 Comfort have a PC-typical display with a resolution of 1280x 800 pixels. The Runtime Software of the device includes archives and scripts, an Internet browser and, on delivery, a PDF reader, Excel and Word files. Comfort Panel's range of touch panels can be installed and operated in landscape or portrait orientation, when configuring them you just have to choose the correct direction.